Ready housing with affordable prices for companies – ready rooms

Ready housing with affordable prices for companies – ready rooms

Housing is ready and strolling workers at affordable prices for companies – Rooms company ready, housing workers for rent at excellent prices for institutions and construction companies, housing workers and engineers sites fit for airports and major projects, where you progress Khaled Aldagoor institution, the best and the latest ready-rooms workers airports, considered Khaled Aldagoor a leading enterprise in the field of metal constructors and ready-room industry, because of its reputation in this area, the Foundation has considerable experience in the metallurgical facilities prefabricated rooms industry, both rooms were workers or chalets or prefabs or guard or other rooms of different housing units provided by your institution, and the institution is ready to meet all your requests and wishes

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Director of Sales: Engineer Ibrahim al-Khatib


Models of business Aldakor institution in :prefabricated buildings

Featuring products offered by you Khaled Aldagoor institution as the very high precision and durability level, it’s also designed with the latest technological methods used in the production and manufacture of metal constructors and ready rooms, also rooms and products offered by your organization characterized as designed with international specifications and conform to international quality standards and ways innovative modern European way, because as a group of workers and technicians possess have a long history in this area

:Ready features room rates in Kuwait Aldagoor

It is worth mentioning that the Foundation offers you all these products and these international standards at prices surprise, beyond into the competition, and it’s desire to appease enterprise customers and appease them, this has Aldagoor Foundation for the production and manufacture of metal constructors and ready rooms certified multiple awards as the only leader in the Arab world in the field of production and industry

You can also visit us to enjoy the latest products and stronger surprises, our motto is quality and workmanship and continuous improvement and provide each new in the world of metal facilities and modern rooms ready, and our goal is that we gain confidence expensive by offering these products, your service and satisfy all your wishes all professional and master at work, all this when your dealings with the best institutions in the Arab world at all, Khaled Aldagoor Cont

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