Housing and office workers to work sites ready for the best prices in Jeddah and Riyadh

Housing and office workers to work sites ready for the best prices in Jeddah and Riyadh

Housing workers and offices to work sites ready for the best prices in Jeddah and Riyadh, offering Aldagoor better labor housing in the city area and throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the manufacture of upscale housing rooms for workers finest stunning, the Foundation works to provide your request through the workers’ housing processing as soon as, if you own a company, or you are one of the government departments in the UK, we are our mission to provide refined accommodation to workers located in any area within the UK, and through the excellent rates, high accuracy in the execution, and the quality of the work and made.

Best ready labor housing offers in Jeddah:

Aldagoor Foundation is committed to the renewal of exclusive offers to all new and existing customers, so we provide the finest works ever, and we are committed to quality standards, where he became the trend to invest in building a strong labor housing to some extent, it was the problem of labor accommodation major crisis roiling foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, it is assumed that these places that will assess the workers have certain conditions and customized companies keen on their availability in the labor camps.

It is important conditions that must be met in the workers’ housing to be construction, which will stay in it is made of materials known to be used in ordinary buildings for the rest of the humans Kkhersanh or brick to something like that, they also have a private in the dining meals conditions must be a sufficient number of chairs or tables that fit the number of residents by workers is better to use drinking cups that are used for only once, by the availability of water coolers.

Best company in Saudi Arabia for the accommodation of the workers at the sites:

Only by Aldagoor institution that can get you the best deals for industry workers’ housing, because for each world have space a certain extent at least with him, it can not be crammed a large group of workers inside a small building, the availability of bathrooms, toilets, nor does it may work barriers around the building to prevent or mask ventilation and lighting for the building, the roof of the housing must be good not allowed to enter the rain into the building and has a good ability to isolate heat and have high housing suitable as the rest of the regular houses, also doors and different windows with the requirements it is important be identical to what is known about appropriate human life doors as he must put wire around the windows.

Rate of workers and engineers offices in Riyadh and Jeddah:

Aldagoor offer the best prices, which is known for, that they are committed to quality and good prices, we also bring another important thing a hygiene should be the roofs and walls of the kitchen are made of materials easy to clean, and that there must be a bathroom or separate toilets for the kitchen, these conditions must be considered when all the workers’ housing when doing create or invest it.

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