Best company buildings and facilities metal in Jeddah and Riyadh

Best company buildings and facilities metal in Jeddah and Riyadh

The Aldagoor Foundation all metal buildings business, so innovative designs, high quality materials, workmanship and in the implementation, where our metal buildings, is concentrated in the manufacturing and installation of nonferrous metal structures, in all its various forms, the hands of workers and engineers Aldagoor Foundation, in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Intended metal buildings, and the best facilities metal company in Jeddah:

As intended metal buildings are stomach and manufacturer of iron or steel buildings, beautiful buildings and is one of the light buildings when compared to buildings made of concrete, these buildings have many uses also have companies and factories and many a leader in such work in Saudi Arabia is available a lot of such good companies.

In for the establishment of these metal buildings factories entire building is made from steel and enters with some other metal pieces, and then transported to the site to be where this construction on body parts, disassembled using cranes mode, and then there are installed, these buildings lengths different manufacturing by need or desire and unwanted spaces.

Ideas for metal buildings in Saudi Arabia:

Why I originated the idea of metal buildings in our time? Because traditional buildings have become does not meet our needs at the present time in some places the speed of work and implementation of metal buildings and much perhaps imaginary superiority compared to traditional buildings in addition to the higher floors, where a metal building can work ranging in length from 4-6 floors, some economic activities do not lend themselves to conventional buildings are need for such buildings recoverable metal to move and transport from one place to another.

Metal buildings have many advantages in the manufacturing example, the materials used in the industry do not consume as it can decode and installation of the same pieces more than once and moved from one place to another do not need a wooden braces consume or any other material, this greatly reduces the cost, steel used in their manufacture have a high potential to withstand stress and jaw, installation and many other environmental factors, moreover what matters many of speed and achievement you can get on a metal building in a very short period also resistance to different climatic conditions are not affected by it.

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