The pioneers of the manufacture of mineral spills

Khaled Mohammed Al - Dagoor

Khalid Al-Daqour Establishment is one of the leading companies in the field of metal constructions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Dakoor Contracting Company started its operations in 1976 and gained a distinguished reputation in the implementation of contracting at the level of high technology. Such as offices of the site and accommodation camp for construction companies and buildings of schools, hospitals, villas, mosques, ablution, security and laundry cabin, conference hall

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The team at Khalid Mohammed Al Dagoor General Contracting Company is keen to keep pace with the requirements of the local market in the contracting sector. The pursuit of specialization is the main driver of this match.

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    خالد محمد الداقور

    يسرنا أن نطلع القارئ فيما يلي ومن خلال كلماتٍ قليلة ومقتضبة على أبرز ما يُميِز مؤسسة الداقور من نجاحاتٍ وإنجازات امتدد لأكثر من 34 عاماً، كانت حافلة بالتفوق والتميز بفضل عملنا الجاد وحرصنا على أن نولي عملاءنا الكرام الأولوية القصوى التي يستحقونها.


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